003 : Daily Visual Agenda

There are categories of audiences with special needs for whom traditional, commonly used applications, such as calendars, are not usable. People with disabilities are a particular case in point. Indeed, traditional applications are based on user interfaces that require abilities that can be altered to a point that makes them unusable. This is especially true for people with multiple disabilities who are unable to interact with, or even read, the information communicated by these applications.

For the Clair-Bois foundation, I had to design and implement an application to enable people with severe disabilities to organize their days. More than ever, the user was at the center of our thinking.

Visual organization of the day

Add a caregiver

There were several iterations during the design phase. At each iteration, the design is evaluated with users. Here are a few examples :

1st iteration: paper prototype

1st iteration: Figma Interactive prototype

2nd iteration: paper prototype

2nd iteration: Wireframe

2nd iteration: Figma Interactive prototype

2nd iteration: Figma Interactive prototype

To access the full report, please contact me.